Lohri Celebration in Patna

Lohri Celebration in Patna

I guess we all must be now out of the new year party mood and must have finally stopped wishing people “Happy New Year” as soon as we meet them 🙂 Well, then we have a new festival to look forward to, Lohri is coming. 

Lohri celebration takes place every year on 13th January. Punjabis across India primarily celebrate this festival to mark the end of peak winter. It is a folk festival. In early times, it was a mark to welcome the sun in the Northern hemisphere. 

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It is also associated with the harvest of the rabi crops and mark the new year for farmers. Farmers in Punjab and surrounding regions celebrate this harvest festival. Makar Sankranti, Pongal and Magh Bihu are similar harvest festivals that are celebrated with different names in other parts of India.



So, how is Patna celebrating Lohri? 


patna diariesThe Punjabi Biradari in Patna every year celebrates Lohri at Lala Lajpat Rai Memorial Hall in Chajju Bagh. Many people celebrate it at their residence also. The gathering enjoys their evening around a bonfire.People perform bhangra and gidda. They throw til, popcorn and other food items in the fire to symbolize the end of the old year and the start of a new year. 

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Jaggery (gurh), gajak and nuts are the central food items for this festival. People also eat roasted corn (bhutta) while sitting around the bonfire. The traditional meal that people eat on Lohri is gajak, sarson da saag, makki ki roti, radish, nuts, and gurh.


So, what are you waiting for? Set up a bonfire on your terrace, play some Punjabi music and enjoy a nice meal with your friends and family. We, at Patna Diaries, wish you a very happy Lohri. Enjoy your evening 🙂

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