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The Art of Reading

The Art of Reading


Since time immemorial, access to written materials like scrolls, books, newspapers to obtain information was considered a luxury. Books were painstakingly copied by hand and were often lost or destroyed due to neglect, war, or disasters. However, the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg brought about a revolution in the way books were produced. They became common and therefore reading too became a common habit.

Today, in this digital era, we have experienced another change due to the easy access and availability of technology. Like how the printing press reshaped the reading habits then, technological advancements like the internet, smartboards, tablets have again impacted our reading and learning habits.

One of the major changes that we have experienced is the shift in obtaining information. Us millennials prefer to watch and learn rather than read and learn. We have become so used to and heavily dependent on visuals like pictures and videos to absorb information that is has become very difficult and rare to read an article or a book for the same piece of information.

The internet has changed the world completely. The way information is received and perceived, the way business is done and even what we watch or read for leisure has shifted. The current generation is in such a hurry to process information that everything is presented in a very fast-paced, concise, and in an easy to digest format.  People no longer read long, informational articles or essays, but just skim through the piece by inputting the keywords of the precise information they need.

On the other hand, although most of the population has shifted to visuals, there are a large number of people who still prefer to read for both obtaining information as well as leisure. People spend so much time online on social media or various other platforms, that when they read they want a break from screens. Many book lovers have also revealed that they don’t get the satisfaction of reading until and unless they have a physical copy in their hands.