April Fool’s Day – To what extent is a prank a prank?

April Fool’s Day

To what extent is a prank, a prank?


Why do we want to make a fool of others?


April Fool’s Day is here. Frankly, now it’s just another day of my life. But, there used to be a time when as kids we used to plan elaborate pranks to fool people around us! Now, I don’t really see any point in celebrating this day! Why be happy after making someone else feel like a fool. What ego satisfaction are we actually trying to fulfill?


Anyway, let me come back to the topic of the article; to what extent can we call a prank a harmless prank!? The “harmless” prank that I remember pulling on my uncle was a really well thought detailed plan. My sisters and I were able to make our family members a fool on April Fool’s Day with the help of my aunt. 


My elaborate plan on April Fool’s Day 


Medimix Prank - Patna Diaries

So, what we did was that we bought Medimix, the green coloured rectangular soap, and cut it into small pieTo what extent is a prank a prank - Patna Diariesces. After that, we put a cherry on top of it. Decorated it a little with coconut sprinkles. In the end, it looked like some sweet (mithai). Being the organised pranksters that we were, further, we decorated all the pieces nicely in an old sweet box. Then we offered it to our family members, telling them that we got sweets for them. My uncle actually ate half of the soap!! We jumped with glee! It was our victory. We shouted “April Fool” loudly and giggled further. 



What is the definition of harmless?


Now when I look back at this prank, I have serious doubts about my abilities. Maybe I was a psychopath in making 😛 Jokes apart, this could have actually made my uncle sick. And, then our April fool’s plan would have backfired on us.


We don’t really think through before doing pranks on people. Harmless pranks like calling someone to meet at someplace and then never turning up can also have implications on the person we pulled the prank on. Maybe he had something urgent to do and canceled it to meet you. Or, maybe being stood up and then being called a fool can damage his self-esteem. So the question still remains, till when a prank is ok and when does it cross the line?


What are the April Fool’s Day pranks that you have pulled on others? Do you think harmless fun is fine and I should not become too serious with life and let it go? Let me know in the comment section below. 


Happy Fooling 🙂