Margherita with the straw

Margherita with a Straw

Margherita with a Straw


Margherita with a straw, directed by Shonali Bose and Nilesh Maniyer follows the story of Laila, a teen born with cerebral palsy. Due to her crippling disease, our heroine is confined to a wheelchair and has certain physical as well as psychological limitations. Even though she is imprisoned in a wheelchair, she doesn’t let this minor hiccup hold her back from experiencing the ups and downs of college life.

Played by Kalki Koechlin, Laila’s outgoing and spirited personality makes up for her disability. It makes sure that she doesn’t miss out on anything, be it an awkward first confession or a jamming session with her friends.

The first half of the movie is set in India, whereas the second half is set in New York City. Shifting to New York to pursue a creative writing course opens up a hoard of opportunities for Laila. It is here that she starts exploring and comes to terms with her sexuality. Koechlin has brilliantly portrayed a crippled adolescent girl who is not held back by her ‘disability’ and is by no means any less than her ‘normal’ peers. She has done justice to her character and not for a moment does her acting seem false.

Shonali Bose and Nilesh Maniyer have done a wonderful job of bringing the story to life. This coming of age drama is a heart-touching film and teaches to love oneself despite any flaws as that is what makes a person unique.

I rate this movie 3.5/5 and would totally recommend it if you want to watch something new and unique. You can stream this movie for free at Jio Cinema.