Misconceptions in Entrepreneurship

Misconceptions in Entrepreneurship

Misconceptions in Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship is the courageous step that an individual takes willingly. It requires confidence, zeal, motivation, and a lot more positivity. To be an entrepreneur, you need not be born different but grow up with different sets of goals.


Whatever field you choose in your career, you will always have people around to pull your legs. Being an entrepreneur is one of those. Entrepreneurship is misunderstood by a lot of people and thus, this leads to lessening the number of people entering the field.

Some of the commonly spread misconceptions are:

  • It requires heavy capital investment. : No, it does not! The only thing you need to invest is your motivation, zeal, and positivity.
  • Entrepreneurs are born with qualities. : An entrepreneur is born out of nurture and not from nature. A person learns all the traits from his surroundings and self-curiosity.
  • It is seen as a wealth-building process. : This is the most believed notion that to become rich, one should go with entrepreneurship. This misconception needs to be abolished. The truth of nature is that a tree bears fruits only after facing the storms and heavy rains strong-headedly.
  • Entrepreneurs don’t have people to answer to.: Apart from investors and partners, the entrepreneurs are answerable to their customers. The work they are doing is for the satisfaction and happiness of the people in the society. Even after being their own boss, they do not live a care-free life.


How to be an entrepreneur?

One great idea can not land you in the world of entrepreneurship. To be an entrepreneur, you must have a bunch of fresh ideas to cater to the public. You need to be passionate about your ideas and challenge yourself. To be a successful entrepreneur, you will have to trust yourself and take up risks.

In an interview with a young entrepreneur of our city, Mr. Irfaan Ahmad Noori, when asked that what takes up to be an entrepreneur, he said that entrepreneurship does not only requires fund investment, motivation, or courage but what it actually requires is grit. He further added a quote “Create the things that you wish existed”. And he advised the budding entrepreneurs to always listen to their nay-sayers, accept what they say and further work on yourself to beat that flaw.


Keep chasing your dream and do not forget that seed takes time to germinate and further bear fruits.