“Is Rihanna Muslim” Indians Trending Google

Twitter has always been an all-time favorite platform for members, but who would have thought and when it comes to netizens of India, they can create a google trend with this.

When fourth most followed personality on Twitter, Rihanna questioned about ongoing farmer protest, in Delhi. She wouldn’t have thought that her religion will become the most googled term immediately.


Moments Later, Rihanna commenced trending on social media and Google as Indians searched to find who she in reality became. Search strings like ‘Is Rihanna Muslim? and ‘Rihanna faith’ stood out as people frantically attempted to recognize if they might join the pop megastar’s religion to her tweet.


Rihanna’s tweet saw a divided Twitter: some were of the opinion that her tweet will highlight the ongoing farmers protest within the country to the global media– more so with Rihanna tweeting about it to her one hundred million-strong social media own family. Others claim it as ‘paid’. Many others strongly reacted to it, suggesting that the pop star should not be talking about things she doesn’t recognize approximately.