CBSE has finally announced its board exam schedule and tensions are running high. With the Pan-India lockdown into effect, for class 12 students, dealing with boards has been a roller-coaster ride. With over 112k cases, the COVID19 virus has thrown the world into a mode of panic. Just like every other sector, education too had taken a backseat and was put on hold till the country attempted to get back onto its feet.

Now that measures have been put into place and the Indian government is trying to handle the situation, CBSE announced the board exam dates so that the students can finally move forward and apply for higher educational institutions when the lockdown ends.

Board exams have always had a daunting reputation with everyone constantly reminding the examinee that it is a do-or-die situation. This has become a major reason for students to become prone to stress and anxiety and can cause major health issues if allowed to develop. The boards had taken a backseat when the world seemed to stop with the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, but life does go on. Now that the boards have come back into the limelight and are being conducted between the 1st and 15th of July, students giving boards are finding it difficult to cope.

Fatima, a 12 grader says that it was very frustrating in the beginning as they were on the cusp of finishing their exams when everything stopped. It was a confusing time for her as she didn’t know how to interpret the situation. She tells us that she basically felt stuck between school and college.  Now that the boards are being conducted, she narrates that she feels relieved and just wants to get over with it.

Here are some tips for those students who are having a hard time to help relieve stress and anxiety:

  1. Make sure to take regular breaks in between studying sessions. Go outside, talk to your family, or just sip on a warm drink and spend a little time away from your books.
  2. Just give your brain a rest and take a nap. It might help you feel fresh and make studying a bit easier.  
  3. Eating good food can elevate your mood levels which will help you focus.
  4. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to your peers. Constantly comparing yourself can make you feel as if you’re not good enough. So, study at your own pace. Keep a track of how many portions you’ve covered and be confident in yourself.
  5. Keep things in perspective. Yes, exams are important. But you are so much more than your exam results.

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