let's make a steady start to enlighten yourself with the real meaning of Feminism

Feminazi in the name of Feminism

Feminazi in the name of Feminism


The fall of matriarchy 1.5 billion years ago and eradication of paganism which envisaged the message of the sacred feminine were obliterated giving birth to misogyny. The further oppression, hatred, and inequality faced by women in the society enraged the soul of Feminism. And this eventually gave existence to ‘Feminazi’ and ‘Misandry’.


Understand the difference – 

Christina Hoff Sommers, an American author and philosopher known as a critique of contemporary Feminism and a ‘Factual Feminist’. The true meaning of Feminism is evident in her books like – Who stole Feminism & The war against Boys. She vehemently defends Men’s rights as well and understands that men and women are different but equal and don’t buy into the nonsense of the bogus wage gap myth.

A feminist, isn’t she?


Andrea Dworkin was an American author and a radical feminist activist.

Dworkin hated men with a passion and many people call Dworkin a misandrist. Some of her many famous quotes clearly tell about the soul of Feminazi residing in her –
“I want to see a man beaten to a bloody pulp with a high-heel shoved in his mouth, like an apple in the mouth of a pig.”
“Intercourse as an act often expresses the power men have over women.”
“Men especially love murder. In art they celebrate it. In life, they commit it.

This is Feminazi.


The ongoing-fight

Feminism is a gamut of socio-political movements and ideologies that share a common goal to delineate, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. Feminist movements over decades have campaigned for rights of women, including the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to earn fair wages or equal pay, to own property, to receive education, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage, and to have maternity leave. Feminists have also worked to promote bodily autonomy and integrity and to protect women and girls from brutal crimes such as rape, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. Nirbhaya Delhi Gang Rape, Harvey Weinstein allegations, and Bill Cosby allegations gave birth to campaigns like Everyday Sexism Project, No More Page 3, and the #MeToo, all this gave rise to Feminism and new laws protecting women were framed.

Although we cannot deny the fact that Feminism has taken the face of Feminazi in many cases. A few years back when 2 boys were thrashed by a fellow student when falsely alleged by a girl for molesting and abusing her.

A recent one, where Manav, a boy from Gurugram was frequently alleged by a girl over social media for harassing her sexually two years back and she claimed this without any proof. The Feminazi didn’t wait to form their opinion about the boy. Manav was mentally harassed by all the social media stories and messages and committed suicide. 

The Rohtak boys who were beaten up by girls in a bus full of passengers, who then became famous as #RohtakBravehearts. The boys were given clean chit by the court when alleged under the charges of molesting and eve-teasing. Though given clean chit the boys are still flashed with comments like serial predators,  perverts, and Haryana’s shame. 

A boy Sarvjeet Singh who was labeled a molester overnight. After a long 4 years waiting the boy was giving a clean chit. But Feminazists remain rigid towards their side of the story. 


Are Indian laws only protecting women’s rights? 

There can be a multitude of different opinions hanging on people’s mouths. Some would say- yes and some might also say that men are not harassed because of their gender and it is not a systematic bias. But it is only evident because of the misuse of already existing laws that protect women.

In the distant version it is also said that Indian lawmakers completely negate the truth that men can be victims too. The man is only seen as a perpetrator in all the laws such as IPC section 354A, 354B, 354C, 354D which deals with sexual harassment, disrobing, stalking, and voyeurism and clearly entitles women being the victim.



– Undermining the rights of the opposite sex doesn’t make you a Feminist because feminism fights for equality, not for Misandry.
– Men are not a threat to women or to society. It is the wrongdoers who should be blamed, not the gender.
– People are rampantly following Feminism and feel proud to entitle themselves as feminists without having a check onto the real principles of Feminism which never demeans a person of any gender and thinks less of it.
– People who try to show a check to the rampancy and try to give the people the way towards real Feminism are often unheard and are called insensitive to women and their rights. They are shut by many cases that have been there in the past which are true, but cannot undermine the harassment of men.
– Some Feminazi also entitles man as parasites eating up the moral ethics of the Society, and a vicious creature in the humankind among all different sexes.
– Many Feminazi propagates the message that men are the reason behind the lack of open-mindedness in society. The patriarchal is given the reason for every bad situation in society.



Stop blaming gender!

And let’s make a steady start to enlighten yourself with the real meaning of Feminism.