PD Marvels of the Month – August

This month we are dedicating PD Marvels of the Month to people who connect with others. The art of connecting to people is a powerful one. They are the ones who communicate their own ideas and thoughts to the public. Thus, let August be the month when we celebrate the freedom of speech 🙂


RJ Umang

Our first marvel of the month connects with everyone through his voice. And, yes it is quite a mesmerising one. It is very difficult to get someone hooked to just their voice on the radio and RJ Umang does that masterfully. He is one of the pioneers in radio jockeying from Patna. RJ Umang Vikram recently won the RJ of the Year award for Hindi – Non metro Station. A big Amitabh Bachchan fan with a similar voice like his. When he says Good Morning Patna on his Morning #1 show on Radio FM, then you can feel the optimism too. He is quite vocal about current affairs too.


Syed Saheb Ali

Syed Saheb connects with his audience with the help of videos. He is more popularly known for his YouTube channel – Matargashti. Syed Saheb Ali started his channel in January this year and in just 8 months, he has 7 lac+ views. He very enthusiastically covers the nooks and corner of Patna. The channel tries to cover different development project going on in Patna. You can watch the different stages of Patna’s Marine Drive that he is covering on frequent intervals from the past 6 months.


Maqsood Warsi

Our third marvel conveys his thoughts with the help of his digital art. Learning the software to make digital content and designing something creative are two different things. This talented graphic designer from Patna has mastered both. In his free time, he loves to design things related to current affairs and social awareness. You can check his Instagram page to see his beautiful conceptual designs inspired from the nature on – Save Water, Save Environment, Unity in Diversity and ISRO Chandrayaan-2 launch. He is in this field from last 7 years and believes that every new project is like a puzzle that adds to his experience. 

Maqsood also helped Patna Diaries with our new logo design. The logo was designed using brain mapping technique to incorporate different concepts. Have you not noticed it yet? We have diversified and so we have accommodated few more areas in our logo 🙂 Stay tuned with Patna Diaries to know more about our diversification.

So, what are you waiting for? If you have not checked their Facebook/YouTube/Instagram handles, then go and check it out right now. Also, drop-in any suggestions at patnadiaries@gmail.com

Patna Diaries celebrate a few people every month who are doing substantial things in their respective fields. Read the previous articles to know more about the people who have been featured as PD Marvels of the Month.