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Online Classes – Experience

Online classes used to be fascinating!


Due to the current lockdown situation, all educational institution has opted online classes. From the first day of joining school until the last day at college, the only thing we wish for is a long-lasting holiday!!

Getting up early in the morning and rushing for college is one of the biggest responsibilities for my shoulders. Every morning I have to spend around 10-15 mins in deciding whether to go to college or skip for the day. Hearing about online classes from my friends was always fascinating for me. Although I had my special bunch of friends who were my “college-survival kit”, but still, going to college every day was not working out for me.

Now it was my last year left to complete my graduation and be free from the daily fixed-routine. Then, one fine day, COVID-19 entered our lives and brought with it the practice of social distancing, leading to World-wide LOCKDOWN.

What could make a person happier than a notice of a long holiday from college? I was sad about the lockdown and the pandemic but was happier that now no more college-going routine for 21 days. We were informed that classes will be conducted online and we need to be present as per the given schedule. This was like a cherry on the ice for me!

But in no time, online classes made me miss the place that I had always tried to skip going to. It made me realize that the life of the virtual world only sounds fascinating.

I have attended online classes, every day, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M., for almost 2 months and now I realize that going to college and attending classes is irreplaceable.


Attending classes online had some positive points.

It saved time as I was not bound to be ready at the fixed time. Along with attending classes, I was able to do other works as well. I could easily bunk a class and get my attendance with an excuse for network issues! I did not have to travel anywhere and so it saved my money too.


Cons of attending Online Classes.

But when I turned towards its cons, I got many. I was not able to give my 100% attention while attending lectures from home. Having earphones plugged-in continuously for 5-6 hours was affecting my health. As it had no personal interaction, it built a gap between the professor and me.

I would just wrap it up by saying that online classes were a savior for us at the time of pandemic but it also brought me back from my fantasy world where I had a perception that these classes are much better than going to college and attending lectures.

We at Patna Diaries, wishes you all a safe and healthy lifestyle. What are your views on the online classes that are ongoing? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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    Nicely penned Amrita! Of course, technology can never replace the ambience of a live classroom. BTW, teachers know when students are giving an excuse, but sometimes they choose to let you be happy ?

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