Life in a Bag – Rajgir Road Trip

I am that kind of person who can’t stay in the same place for a very long time. I need the change of scene in my life to keep me going. In the age, when we travel by aeroplane to save time, we thought of going on a laid back road trip. 

So, the team of Patna Diaries was caught by the traveller bug. We packed our bags for a 2-day trip. Some of us had really small bags, while some had huge ones (that was me ;)) Our destination? Well, it was Rajgir! 


Why visit Rajgir?

Normally when you talk to people about Rajgir, the only place that is mentioned is the ropeway and Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa). But, trust me there are a lot of people you can explore in Rajgir. We started questioning if we should stay for one extra day to explore more or not?

You can find places of interest related to Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. Thus, it is the perfect example of the solidarity of religions.


Place to visit  

As we were travelling by our own vehicle, going to different places was easy for us. Otherwise, you can use Tanga as your vehicle for transport.


1. Vishwa Shanti Stupa

Just like Vaishali, the peace pagoda is one of the peace pagodas that Nichidatsu Fuji Guruji constructed after the end of World War II. The easiest way to reach the stupa is by using the ropeway. The cost of the 5-minute ropeway ride is 80 INR. There is also a pathway if you are in a mood for some exercise. Be prepared to walk for around 45 minutes.


2.  Griddhakuta

It is the Hill of the Vultures where Gautam Buddha spent several months. He used to meditate and deliver sermons from this hilltop. 


3. Ghora Katora Lake

The lake is situated near the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Rajgir. It has a 70-feet high statue of Buddha. Motorised vehicles are not allowed in the 6 km stretch, so you will need to hire a tanga for around 100 INR to visit this picnic spot.


4.  Cyclopean wall

Cyclopean architecture is a type of stonework that was used to build the wall around the hills of Rajgir during the Mauryan dynasty.


5. Swarn Bhandar

It consists of two artificial caves. Legends say that there is a gold treasure inside it which people are unable to open. One of the caves has Jain relics engraved on them.


6. Chariot Wheel Marks

According to Mahabharat, the chariot wheel marks were made by Krishna’s chariot when he arrived in Rajgir. There are also some yet to be decrypted script written on the stones in this area. The legends say that if this script is decrypted, then people will be successful in opening the doors of swarn bhandar. 


7. Bimbisar Jail

King Bimbisar was imprisoned in this jail by his son Ajatashatru to capture the throne. The king selected this site so that he can watch Gautam Buddha on the Griddhakuta Hill from here. 


8. Maniyar Math

It is a small Jain temple. The compound also has a well. It was built during the Gupta dynasty. 


9. Veerayatan 

It is a Jain institution that consists of a Jain temple, museum and dharmshala. The museum depicts the important life events of all the 24 Jain tirthankar.


10. Kunds

Rajgir has some hot and cold water spring (kunds). The water is considered to have medicinal qualities. Some of the kunds are:  Brahma Kund, Makhdum Kund, and Sri Guru Nanak Sheetal Kund.



There are still some spots that we haven’t cover in this blog. But, keep exploring and let us know if you think there was something else that we should have added in the list.


How to reach Rajgir?

Rajgir is 100 km away from Patna. It took us 3 hours including breaks to reach. We left early morning to avoid city traffic and the sun. We took NH 31, also popularly known as Bakhtiyarpur 4 lane highway. The roads are amazing with scenic beauty on both sides. After that, we travelled on NH 120 for a while. Later, there was a right turn to Rajgir road.

Directions from Patna to Rajgir

For exact details follow Google Map.


Travel cost

Hotel room – 1500-2000 INR for double bedroom in a decent hotel

Food – 100-200 INR per person/meal

Petrol – Around 3000 INR for the whole trip in an AC car

Want to live your life in a bag?  Travel gives us peace of mind, it makes us forget our tensions and makes us carefree. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your bag today, and start travelling with us. 


Happy Travelling 🙂

Feature Image Photo Courtesy: Shahrukh Dawar Khan