Myths about Blood donation

Myths about Blood donation

Blood donation is a very noble act that is celebrated every year on 14th June to thank the donors for saving lives.

Why should we donate blood?

Bihar is known as a blood deficit state in India with almost 85% blood deficit. In India, every 2 seconds someone. As blood cannot be manufactured, we can get the required blood only by people who are willing to donate blood.

Process of Blood Donation

Normally, blood donation is a 4 step process, which involves, registration, medical history and mini-physical examination, donation of blood and having refreshments. Every blood donor goes through a physical exam to check their temperature, blood pressure, haemoglobin. The donated blood is also tested for HIV, Hepatitis B and other infectious diseases before transfusion.


Responsibility of Blood Banks

The blood bank collects blood and then supply to people who need it. However, there are some states that accumulate a lot of extra blood. This blood sometimes goes to waste as the shelf life of collected blood is 30-45 days only. Thus, it is also necessary that the excess blood is sent to places where it can be consumed and not wasted by the blood bank.

If you are still not convinced about why you should donate blood and have some preconceived notions, then let’s try to break some myths for you.


Myth 1 – Can affect health

Fact – The screening process ensures that the individual is capable of donating blood. The physiological effects related to blood donation are almost negligible. Thus, donating blood is not going to make you weak.


Myth 2 – Own blood level is decreased

Fact – An individual has around 10 pints of blood. When we donate blood, then the amount is typically around 1 pint. However, the body makes and compensates for this lost amount automatically after donation.


Myth 3 – Vegetarians can’t donate

Fact – People believe that vegetarians can not donate blood as they don’t have enough iron in their body. They can donate blood and eat a balanced diet to maintain the required iron level.


Myth 4 – Smokes can’t donate

Fact – A person who is a smoker can donate blood, if he/she weighs at least 50 kgs. It is though advisable to avoid smoking for three hours after donating blood.


Myth 5: There is enough blood supply to meet the demand.

Fact – Only 5 percent of people who are eligible to donate blood actually do so. When people are asked why don’t you donate blood, the most common two answers are:


“Never thought about it.”

“I don’t like needles.”




We, at Patna Diaries, hope that this article will give you some motivation to donate blood and spread awareness.

Save lives and be happy 🙂

P.S. Do you know India celebrates October 1st as National Voluntary Blood Donation Day to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation? We are hoping that you will be a part of this campaign.